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Window and Door Expert, Scott Strong

2022-07-15Updated: 2022-07-26 Strong Boys Remodel

Strong Boys Remodel - Scott Strong - Cañon City, ColoradoThe first time meeting veteran Scott Strong, the owner and founder of Strong Boys Remodel, you may be taken aback by his large stature. Quickly you will find out this loving father and grandfather of two sons, one grandson (with another on the way) is very caring and driven to serve his community. 

Scott enjoys spending his off time with his family and two big dogs Oden and Bjorn while hiking, snowboarding, learning, and creating art through painting. 

While the native Coloradoan was not born in Cañon City, he is no stranger to the area. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, he spent a lot of time growing up with extended family in Cañon City. Visiting his grandparents often, he became very close with his grandmother. 

Wanting to be there for his grandmother made his decision to move him and his family to Cañon City an easy one. Scott’s family has over a hundred-year history of residing in the Cañon City area. He remembers visiting family in Cañon City as a child at a time before Highway 50 ran through Cañon City.

Growing up in the Colorado Springs and Woodland Park areas, he was living in Washington when he joined the Marines shortly after high school. Scott had earned the rank of Corporal after being deployed to Somalia and picked up a lot of knowledge and experience that has guided him ever since.

Scott accredits the Marines for forging him into a leader with the Marine Corps' 14 Leadership Traits and 11 Leadership Principles taught to all Marines. Scott feels those leadership skills and principles have helped keep his business on a solid path to growth and success.

The Experience With Glass and Windows

When Scott finished his service to the Marine Corps, he went to work with a friend in Seattle who owned a large window company. It was this experience that made Scott fall in love with working with glass and he has since made it his passion.

After gaining over 20 years of experience working with windows, doors, and glass, Scott made the decision to open his own company in Cañon City. Taking the best and most successful parts of the companies he worked for previously, he set out to offer a hassle-free and streamlined service for the  customer. 

Scott and his team at Strong Boys Remodel start by assessing the project with the customer, helping clients make an informed decision as to which products on the market will best fit their needs. 

Solving Problems for Customers

Being a customer service-oriented owner, he is frequently reminded about a previous client that he had installed new windows in their home and as he was installing the windows, he noticed the homeowner’s reflection in the window, standing behind him scowling. 

Being concerned she was not happy with the quality of his work, he asked if everything was ok. 

The client explained the scowl was not for his work. 

She said she could not understand what her crazy neighbor was doing just pushing around his lawn mower. She said he has not even started the mower. 

Scott then reached over, opened the window he was finishing up the install on, and the purr of the lawn mowers motor filled the room. 

The customer was elated with what Scott had accomplished with the new windows he had installed. She expressed to him how great it would be getting to sleep in a little longer every morning without the neighbors’ activities waking her up. She proved word-of-mouth is a strong source for new business by calling some of her friends to brag about her new windows. 

Pandemic Origins

Strong Boys Remodel - The Strong Boys FamilyScott started Strong Boys Remodel in the mist of the COVID-19 shutdown. Scott was concerned that the rapid spread of the virus may affect the success and growth of his business. However, demand for his top-notch service and high-quality work was high and he was able to continue to steadily grow his business.

Scott has gone from handling a full workload by himself to hiring several employees to help keep up with growth of his business. Scott is proud to be able to contribute to the community by employing people that reside in Cañon City. 

Scott recognizes that many in small towns have a hard time getting services like this, let alone quality service due to their remote location. He has made sure that Strong Boys Remodel is prepared to give the same level of service and quality that one might find in any of the larger cities with a multitude of service providers.

Having a strong belief in lifelong learning, Scott sets aside time to continue to grow his body of knowledge as much as he can about new products and opportunities for his customers. You won’t find a more dedicated and helpful fenestration expert than Scott Strong.

If you want to make an informed decision when upgrading your windows or doors, need a window repair, or have a new building needing quality windows, reach out to Strong Boys Remodel today. You’ll be happy you did!